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Workday Adaptive Planning provides budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and analytics for businesses of all sizes.

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Adaptive Planning provides financial planning solutions and enterprise planning software designed to modernize financial planning, modeling, budgeting, and forecasting. The company offers specific solutions to cover financial planning, workforce planning, and sales planning. These financial tools promote collaboration across the enterprise without manual, error-prone spreadsheets or inflexible, clunky legacy systems. Adaptive Planning for finance is an enterprise performance management software solution.


Adaptive Planning is geared toward large enterprises, midsize to large companies, and divisions of large enterprises. Their solutions specifically help larger companies that are struggling with the challenges of manual financial processes, data inaccessibility, data inaccuracy, limited scalability, weak data visualization, inefficient collaboration, disconnected spreadsheets, and insufficient professional development for FP&A. Adaptive Planning is also suited for companies who already use other Workday solutions.


Enterprise Planning Software

Adaptive Planning for finance specifically provides:

•  Flexible, scalable financial planning for large enterprises and divisions

•  Powerful business modeling.

•  Easy-to-use reporting.

•  Real-time financial close and consolidation.


Adaptive Planning also includes FP&A solution needs for financial modeling, collaboration, analytics, management and board reporting, scenario and what-if analysis, and more. Here are a few of the specific financial planning tools offered by Adaptive Planning:


•  Headcount Planning

•  Revenue Management

•  Expense Management

•  Financial Close

•  Capital Management

•  Profitability Analysis

•  Balance Sheet & Cash Flow


Adaptive Planning is best for larger companies seeking strong capabilities outside of Finance and FP&A, making it a great choice for enterprises working to transform their financial processes companywide.

Industry-Specific Features

Adaptive Planning provides financial planning solutions for more than 10 specific industries. Details on Adaptive Planning industry-specific FP&A and financial planning solutions include:



Adaptive Planning for software companies helps FP&A at SaaS companies plan, monitor, and analyze subscription bookings and revenue. The financial planning solution provides capabilities for software companies that cover financial budgeting, financial reporting, and more.



Healthcare FP&A has been challenged with constantly changing laws, regulations, and care options. It’s unsustainable for healthcare companies to run financial plans on spreadsheets. Adaptive Planning for healthcare lets FP&A see deep into their business to improve financial planning, financial reporting, and more.


Business Services

When business services are spread across customers, clients, and projects, it’s challenging to do financial planning on spreadsheets. Adaptive Planning gives business services firms the power to manage personnel, projects, financial planning, and other FP&A processes in the cloud.



The past year has upended supply chains, customer operations, and consumer demand, so manufacturing financial planning has struggled to adapt. Adaptive Planning gives manufacturers a financial planning solution to improve financial reporting, operating plans, headcount plans, production plans, and capital expenditure plans.



Retail is experiencing unprecedented challenges as consumers move away from brick-and-mortar stores and look for easy, compelling e-commerce retailers. Adaptive Planning provides retail financial planning solutions for retailers’ complex needs. It can be used by store managers for financial and headcount planning, by corporate finance and operations to model new locations, and by FP&A for retail financial planning.


Financial Services

Strong regulatory oversight can bog down FP&A at financial services firms. Adaptive Planning offers an enterprise planning solution specifically for financial services companies to manage FP&A, financial reporting, and even compliance.


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