Here are some key points to consider about Workday Adaptive Insights' Office Connect feature:

1. Office Connect is a feature that allows users to easily integrate Workday Adaptive Insights with Microsoft Office products, including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

2. Office Connect enables users to access and work with data from Workday Adaptive Insights directly within these applications without the need to switch between different programs or manually copy and paste data.

3. Office Connect can help Workday Adaptive Insights customers save time and increase productivity by allowing them to easily access and analyze data from the software within Microsoft Office products.

4. Office Connect is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, making it a valuable tool for businesses that want to optimize their financial planning and analysis processes.

5. Office Connect can help improve collaboration within Workday Adaptive Insights customers' teams by making it easier to share data and documents and by providing a central location for storing and accessing data.

6. Office Connect allows users to create professional-quality reports and presentations using data from Workday Adaptive Insights, making it easier for customers to communicate financial information to stakeholders.