Here are some pros and cons of Workday Extend:


1. Customization: One of the main benefits of Workday Extend is that it allows organizations to customize Workday to meet their unique business needs and requirements. With Workday Extend, developers can create custom applications and integrations that enhance the functionality of Workday and enable organizations to automate and streamline their business processes.

2. Security: Workday Extend is built on the same cloud-based infrastructure as the Workday platform and uses the same security and compliance controls. This ensures that custom applications and integrations built with Workday Extend are secure, compliant, and easily deployed and managed.

3. Reliability: Workday is a widely-used and well-established platform, and Workday Extend is built on top of this platform. Custom solutions built with Workday Extend are likely reliable and perform well.


1. Cost: Workday Extend can be a costly platform to implement and maintain, especially for organizations that require a large number of custom applications or integrations. This can be a challenge for organizations looking to minimize costs or with limited budgets.

2. Complexity: Workday Extend can be a complex platform, with many different tools and APIs that developers can use to build custom solutions. This can be incredibly challenging for developers new to Workday Extend or unfamiliar with the platform.

3. Integration: While Workday Extend is designed to be a comprehensive platform that can handle a wide range of custom solutions, it may only sometimes integrate seamlessly with other systems or tools an organization uses. This can be challenging for organizations that rely on multiple systems or tools to support their operations.

Overall, Workday Extend is a robust platform that enables organizations to customize and extend the capabilities of Workday to meet their specific business needs. However, it is essential for organizations to carefully evaluate their needs and consider the potential pros and cons of Workday Extend when deciding whether it is the right solution for them.